Syberia distributer Anuman Interactive has rebranded as Microids


Syberia distributer Anuman Interactive is changing its name to Microids, and has opened another office in Japan.

Microids (which builds up the Syberia establishment) has been an auxiliary of Anuman Interactive since 2009, and has become the French organization’s fundamental distributing and improvement mark over the previous decade.

Subsequently, Anuman has chosen to join its image under the Microids flag as it gets ready to push ahead with a “worldwide development technique,” which will see the organization open another agent and distributing office in Japan.



“This new office is a piece of our strategy to grow Microids’ worldwide exercises and to expand on its notoriety,” remarked the organization’s senior VP of vital associations, Yves Blehaut.

“Our groups are comprised of individuals who are unfathomably excited about computer games and, specifically, about Japanese culture, in which this area has such an extraordinary spot, as we probably am aware. We’re excited by the gathering’s superb advancement.”

The move will likewise observe Anuman originator and boss executive Stephane Longeard become the CEO of Microids, which he will oversee mutually with Microids author Elliot Grassiano.

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