Bethesda need you to test Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update

Since its dispatch, Fallout 76 players have been seeking after human NPCs and the narratives that tail them to come back to the no man’s land. Bethesda is more likely than not concurred that its lighted West Virginia was missing in light of the fact that they reported the Wastelander update a year ago to carry human colleagues and related journeys to the game. The update has been postponed to an undefined time in 2020. It must draw nearer, in light of the fact that Bethesda is currently requesting that players help test it.

In a blog entry today, Bethesda reported that they will welcome a select number of PC players to attempt the Wastelanders update in a private test server. This Watelanders server will be independent of the pick in test servers that Bethesda presently rush to vet changes to the present rendition of Fallout 76.


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You can make a beeline for Bethesda’s sign-up page to enroll for the private Wastelanders server. The cutoff date for enlisting is 11 pm GMT/3 pm PST on next Tuesday, January fourteenth. Significantly, you’ll need to consent to a non-revelation arrangement on the off chance that you are chosen to participate in the server, which means you can’t share recordings, screen captures, or data about the test.

For the time being, Bethesda are searching for “a couple hundred” players to participate in the test so not every person that registers will be chosen. Strangely, the Wastelanders server will be perseveringly accessible. “Welcomed players will have the option to get to the Wastelanders Private Test Server consistently after January 17 until we bring the PTS disconnected sometime in the not too distant future,” Bethesda state. Progress will be spared crosswise over sessions on the Wastelanders server yet periodic server wipes might be required.

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